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It's easy math PREPLANNING+COMMUNICATIONS=RESULTS when it comes to executing.

Once projects are preplanned and communicated the proper Persons,Equipment and Processes Evolve.


Preplanning is the one part of two in any successful execution of any work in any industry in any part of the world. Throughout the history of Benali Energy we have found that this subject matter "not utilized" is very often the root cause of incidents. Preplanning of even the simplest task at home or at work is 50% of a successful execution.

Communication is part two of the DNA to successful execution in any industry in any part of the world. When combined strategically, preplanning and communication are by far the DNA to Safe, Efficient and Financially Superior Execution. Benali Energys systems and way of structuring is based on this subject matter.



When Preplanning and Communication are at the heart of your project design, all the HSEMS, SOP's and Budgets fall into place fluently. The execution goes with zero losses which is what we strive for in industry today. 

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